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IV Bags


Gold IV Bags:

Eliminate $175

Bacterial and viral support with antioxidant effects.

Myers Cocktail $180

For those that need a boost of energy and improved athletic endurance

Strength $180

Supports muscle building and improves recovery time; increased blood flow for cardiovascular health.

Migraine $175

Combats headaches, nausea, vomiting and light-sensitivity while simultaneously calming the body.

Radiant $195

Assists clients in aging-gracefully; improves skin and hair while boosting the immune system.


Diamond Plus IV Bags:

Allergy $220

Say bye-bye to seasonal symptoms for weeks.

Healthy Gut $220

Our blend to maximize nutrient absorption by softening the gut lining, rebuilding intestinal villi and increasing metabolism.

Mighty Metabolism $220

Delivers what your body needs to kick-start your weight loss journey. Greatly improves metabolism and energy production; attacks fat and curbs cravings.

Complete Vitamin $250

Our complete vitamin and nutrient bag. Maximum cellular support with antioxidant effects, increases metabolism and immunity, and improves sleep.

Macho Man $230

Conquer your manhood. With male physiology at the cornerstone, this bag aims to deliver the perfect dose.

Immune Repair $250

Our strongest bag for patients in the midst of sickness or feeling a spell coming on.  Delivers an infusion of our highest dose of Vit-C for immunity and added minerals offering antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Vitality Elite $250

For those needing the WORKS; our most well-rounded bag. Master energy boost, targets muscles to relax, heal, and increase blood flow. Delivers anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects.

Menopause $250

This thoughtfully designed bag renews dwindling levels of vitamins and minerals; offers protection from bone loss and annihilates fatigue.

TSA Pre-Check $230

Your Refresh First Class IV bag. Arm yourself against jet-lag, flight-anxiety, and the tray-table germs.

Stress less $220

Curated to deliver a potent feeling of calm from even the most toxic emotional and mental stressors.

Body-Building $280

A powerful infusion blend designed to optimize muscle recovery and enhance performance. Packed with essential nutrients and amino acids, this specialized IV therapy is tailored for fitness enthusiasts aiming to maximize their gains and accelerate recovery.

Brain Refresh $240

Developed to improve cognitive function, memory, focus.

Hangover $220

Cure for even the most relentless hangovers. Headache and “Sunday Scaries” relief, while delivering energy.

Forever Young $250

Our most powerful concoction for our clients wanting to maintain their youth; fights oxidative stress, heals the gut, and revitalizes the output of cellular energy.

Anti-Inflammatory Support $240

Combat inflammation, expedite recovery, and elevate energy levels


Executive VIP Bags:

The Royal Treatment $400

The ultimate wellness experience with our Executive VIP IV, the epitome of luxury and premium care. Immerse yourself in the highest doses of essential vitamins for peak vitality.


High Dose Vit C:

High Dose Vit C pricing

Immunity; Antioxidant protection; Alternative Cancer Treatment

10 grams: $150

20 grams: $240

50 grams: $450

100 grams: $650